Monday, May 10, 2010

Parting Shots from Southeast Asia

As my final entry from Adventure #1, I'll leave you with a few choice shots from my final three weeks in the region.

Shorty and the Shaman. Tuk-tuk'ing around Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The white sand dunes near Mui Ne, Viet Nam


Proof that I am related to Andre Giant. Me and a Southeast Asian-sized woman in front of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

One of the Roulous Group. Cambodia.

Bantay Srei, "City of Women" Cambodia

One of my favorites. Angkor Thom, Cambodia

The school converted to a prison, S-21 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Savannakhet is much how you'd imagine a former French colony. Beautiful old buildings, few of which are "restored."

The school in Pakua village, Savannakhet Province Laos.

The feast at Big's parents' house. Savannakhet, Laos.

Big and me in Pha Pheua village, Savannakhet province, Laos

Big's neices and nephew. They were very good at teaching me how to count in Lao. Nung, sung, sahm, see...

Wat in Kohn Kaen, Thailand

Yes, it's possible to sweat this much at 8 am. Ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Buddha head wrapped up in a Bodhi tree. Ayutthaya, Thailand

And a shout-out to all those who gave advice and helped the adventure take shape: Sauce, CSmith, Nicole, Todd, Chris, Alden, Lauren, Kip, Mary Ann, Ann, Schimmy, Uncle Robert & Aunt Barbara, Aaron, Larissa, Julia and the Shaman.

And to those who kept me company along the way: Oren, Dasha, Britt, Karen, Pille, Andy, Alan, Tanya, Elmer, Katy, Danny, Ilan, Wilde, Iris, Erin & Heather, Nimrod, Nina, Hubert, Lola, Ben, Janick, the Shaman, Dan Mashman, Julie, the Belgians, the singin' Swedes, Rachel, Daniel, Mr. Schem, Mr. Big and Mr. Tao.

Over and out.

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